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With more than 30 years’profession in ceramic industry, our founder set up Winpat, and our own ceramic factory in Xingtai, the birthplace of porcelain from around 1600 years ago.

Based on the local ceramic tradition, inspired by the super-rich ceramic culture in China, we look beyond domestics, to the global ceramic cultures, to learn from the advantages of all those colorful ceramic culture internationally.Gradually we established our business culture and advantages in the colorful & changing ceramic industry.

Winpat focuses on the production of medium to high level fine ceramic products, including fine porcelain, fine china and fine stoneware, reliable quality is our lifeline, and continuous innovations enable us to work out satisfied solutions with high-demanding customers.

Winpat Industrial Co., Ltd.

We have not only various tableware and drinkware, we also produce bakeware & cookware for your kitchen, manufacture vases and other decorating ware to decorate your home & Christmas trees.

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years ceramic culture

20 20 million

pcs / year

48,00048,000 m 2

Factory Area


Factory Audit

Those who wish to remain on the road to success should not just look to the past.

As a world top premium porcelain manufacturer, Winpat has consistently expanded its competencies and offers tableware solutions for a wide variety of industries. It has wide range of product lines, with various shapes, colored glaze, reaction glaze, kiln glaze and others, which can be widely used in home, kitchen, living, hotel, cafes, B2B and out of home.

The facilities adopts German automatic flow proportioning reduction kiln, 6 automated kilns, assembly line workshop, and the annual capacity is more than 20 million units. The products pass FDA, California 65, LFGB, REACH,  RoHs etc., and have passed the BRC Lops, BSCI, Sedex 4Pillar, WCA,  ISO45001, ISO9001, ISO14001 etc.

Winpat Industrial Co.,Ltd


We choose our raw materials carefully throughout the world, and guarantee the quality by our strong QC team of 30 people, as well as our professional internal lab. As we know it is our responsibility to ensure that Winpat does not contribute directly or indirectly to human rights abuses or corruption, nor causes environmental harm at any point in our supply chain. This stance informs our work with suppliers, materials and production.


Innovation has allowed us to grow to become the world leading manufacturer in professional porcelain. The future of our company lies in the sustained capacity for change.


Sustanability is one of our key core. We proactively protect, respect and safeguard the environment and climate in daily business activities, seeking energy efficiency to minimize the negative impact on the climate and improving waste reduction and recycling. For example we built heat recycling system which collect the heat from the firing kiln to reuse it to office/washing room etc. And recycle all the material during producing procedure and achieve a zero-waste result.


We are strongly committed to developing long-term sustainability strategies for our core areas of operation and these are aspects that keep informing and shaping our commitment to sustainable production as a responsible and caring company.